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LUBEXPERT provides customized oil analysis testing services as per equipment specific requirements/Application requirements/industry requirements.

Oil Testing
LUBEXPERT oil analysis testing procedures meets the quality assurance of Lubribricant manufacturers as per ASTM/ISO and Industry standards from most OEM’s.
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Fuel Testing
Routine analysis ensures consistent quality. LUBEXPERT designs and performs test packages that meet Quality Assurance Diesel Standard per ASTM D975. CFA also performs critical specifications tests for quality assurance of routine fuel samples. Our broad range of testing addresses most quality issues with biodiesel processing and blending.
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Coolant Testing
LUBEXPERT designs and performs test packages that meet Quality Assurance Coolant Standards per ASTM and industry standards.
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Lubrication Program Audits
An Oil Analysis Survey can help to develop an effective Oil Testing Program. By identifying critical equipment, selecting relevant test packages, and setting program objectives, the program will be productive from the onset. This proposal outlines the elements of a survey and key benefits that can be realized.
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Wear particle analysis, or Ferrography, is a technique that is growing every day. With industrial needs for reliability and higher productivity to compete in the world market, techniques such as wear particle analysis become vital in making diagnostic and specific recommendations regarding potential machine problems.
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